Terms for Unlicensed Medicines

When you Accept the following (by ticking the box) you are confirming that …

  1. You understand that such products do not have a UK Marketing Authorisation.
  2. As a Prescriber you are Registered in the UK/EU,
  3. As a Prescriber you acknowledge that the product is for use by an individual patient and to fulfil the special needs of that patient under your direct personal responsibility. And that you are responsible for the suitability of the specification of the product to be so used.
  4. As a Supplier to a Prescriber you acknowledge that the product will be supplied against an unsolicited order from the Prescriber.
  5. As a Supplier to Prescribers you will make them aware that the product does not have a marketing Authorisation in the UK/IE.
  6. As a Supplier you will hold in your records the Prescriber’s details and those of the Patient(s).
  7. You acknowledge that details you hold cannot be shared with us for reasons of confidentiality.
  8. Any serious adverse events related to such product will be reported to Dunelm as soon as practicable.

This Disclaimer may be used for all future Purchase Orders for such unlicensed medicinal products. These product exist in our system in a particular group for such products, you will only gain access to this group by ticking the box.