Veomee Skin Foam With Hybrid Protection

Skin Care in the medical profession

Protection for the most valuable employees – your hands.

The hands are our most important working tools. However, they are exposed to countless stress factors in many occupational sectors. VEOMEE protects your hands by effectively preventing penetration into the skin – without wearing disposable gloves. The pleasant result: you can work again with the precision of your hands without running the risk of damaging them. Even those who prefer to work with gloves and suffer from the moisture in the glove can now be helped. VEOMEE protects your skin 100% against possible intolerance.

Veomee with Hydrozid

Veomee is the perfect partner when using Hydrozid Cryotherapy

Veomee Skin Care

Medical Use

Veomee can protect your skin when changing gloves using Hydrozid

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Hydrozid Cryotherapy


Verified Professionals can order this alternative to liquid nitrogen

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  • Invisible complete protection against everyday pollutants and irritants
  • Avoidance of cases of illness due to skin intolerances
  • No skin irritations because of alcohol-free ingredients
  • Protection against degreasing of the skin Natural hand sensors are retained while working
  • No grease fingers
  • Preservation of the healthy skin appearance


  • Significantly lower bacterial load compared to the use of disposable gloves
  • Reduced germ transmission to third parties in direct skin contact, exposure scenario low
  • Increased protection for professions with direct skin contact
  • Increased hygiene safety when working with food